MySpace & Facebook

This was a very interesting lesson for me as I was the only member of the class who doesn’t have a Facebook or a Myspace account. When this was made very obvious to the class, I felt very much on the outer but at the same time it made me realize what a significant impact these two social networking websites have had in our society, and how little it bothered me that I wasn’t a part of it. It’s not that I have anything against either innovations, it is just that I actually have no time to maintain or utilize either resource and I would much prefer to spend time with people in person than spend time with them online. I have seen what a hold these networks have on my friends, as they struggle to go a day without checking their accounts, and I don’t want that for me.


However, setting aside my preconceptions, I was very impressed with today’s presentation. The girls provided a lot of background on these innovations and we had the opportunity to create our own fictional MySpace account. I learnt a lot about the security and privacy policy that I had not previously been aware of, which was cause for concern.  I think it was difficult for the presenters to shed new light on a technology that has already been mastered by so many, and seems to have such little educational value in my eyes. I would not personally use this innovation in the classroom as I feel it has little relevance to the curriculum and it would just encourage them to be getting involved with this kind of social networking at such a young age.


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