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Well today’s presentation really set the bar for the rest of the class. Matt and Simon, shared their expertise on YouTube and Teachers TV with us and offered practical suggestions for their implementation into the classroom. I already had some existing knowledge and experience with YouTube, and had never really considered it to be something that I would integrate into a learning experience, however today’s presentation has changed this mindset. I think that YouTube is a great, easily accessible, free resource that opens up a world of visual learning possibilities at the click of a mouse. If the right video is found it will often communicate the same information that a teacher would, but in a far more engaging and interactive manner. Something I learnt, that I found interesting, was that you can open up your own YouTube account, which is like a personalised YouTube homepage. It allows you to select and view any of your own videos, and it even has a directory that shows how many people have viewed your videos etc.


The other resource that was discussed was Teachers TV, which I now have my own login for. I had never heard of Teachers TV before, but I think this is definitely a resource that I will have to explore some more. It is this multifaceted website that has everything a teacher could need from videos on behaviour management, to pod casts to even lesson plans. Despite the fact that it is a British resource, I still feel there is a lot to be gained from what this site has to offer. If the coming presentations are as enlightening as the first, by the end of this unit we are going to come away with a far broader knowledge of available technologies than when we started.

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